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Health Indicator Report of HIV Transmission Rate

In the United States, HIV is spread mainly by having sex with or sharing drug injection equipment with someone who is infected with HIV. HIV cannot be spread by casual contact such as hugging or shaking hands.[ ^1^]


This is Healthy New Jersey 2020 (HNJ2020) Objective HIV-1. eHARS data as of 12/31/16. Data for White, Black, and Other do not include Hispanics. Hispanic ethnicity includes persons of any race. Other includes Asian, PI, AIAN, other single race, and two or more races.

Data Source

Division of HIV/AIDS, STD, and TB Services, New Jersey Department of Health, []


The rate of HIV transmission among adolescents and adults per 100,000 population


Number of new HIV infections among persons aged 13 years and over


Total number of persons aged 13 years and over in the population

Other Objectives

'''Healthy New Jersey 2020 Objective HIV-1''': Reduce the rate of HIV transmission among adolescents (aged 13+) and adults per 100,000 population to 12.5 for the total population, 3.6 among Whites, 52.2 among Blacks, and 18.6 among Hispanics.

Available Services

NJDOH AIDS/HIV/STD Hotline: 800-624-2377

Health Program Information

NJDOH HIV Care and Support Services: []
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